What your baby learns in the first year will last a lifetime.

The first touches and interactions a newborn baby receives are crucial to its healthy development. During the first year of life, the body movements a baby learns are essential for the development of motor skills and cognition. This period is characterised by the baby’s remarkable ability to absorb, learn and progress. It is therefore important to provide appropriate stimulation to encourage their healthy growth.

Baby’s major achievements – known as developmental milestones – include rolling over, sitting up, standing up and walking. The BABY HANDLING technique is a method of handling a baby correctly and encouraging active participation in everyday activities such as holding, carrying, lifting and more to stimulate your baby to reach developmental milestones on time. Daily use of the BABY HANDLING technique helps your baby develop correct movement patterns and promotes healthy motor development. By providing appropriate sensory-motor experiences, we can establish quality movement patterns that will benefit the baby throughout his or her life, not just in infancy. However, baby handling goes beyond correct positions and grips, as it also represents a bonding between the baby and their parent, which is beneficial for the baby’s development. The technique is used from newborn to older babies.

By using the baby handling technique on a daily basis, parents can play a crucial role in stimulating the baby to reach certain milestones correctly and without skipping any.

What does the Baby Handling involve?

Why is Baby Handling important?

What problems can be prevented or alleviated by Baby Handling?

Incorrect handling of babies can cause problems such as:
Proper handling of babies can prevent or alleviate the following problems:

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