Empower Your Growing Explorer!

Do you have a 10, 11 or 12 month old baby at home and want to know what toys are best for this age group?

Do you want to know which accessories are good or bad for your baby’s motor development?

Discover the LET’S PLAY program tailored for 10-12 month-old explorers, and uncover engaging activities that foster standing, walking, and pincer grip development.

Babies aged 10-12 months are learning a lot – they can stand up, sit down and walk around with or without support. They can sit on the floor by themselves, play with toys and pick up small objects with their fingers. They will develop the pincer grasp, which is an essential skill for holding a spoon, eating finger foods and stopping everything in their mouth. The pincer grip is also important for later skills such as handwriting.

The LET’S PLAY programme is designed to help you support your baby’s development through fun and engaging activities that help your baby stand up properly, support their walking and encourage them to walk independently. You will be told what a pincer grip is, when it develops, what a poor pincer grip is, and what activities will help your baby’s pincer grip. During the visit you will also be given recommendations on the best toys and accessories for this age group for this age period.


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