Elevate Your Baby's Developmental Journey!

Are you looking for fun and stimulating activities to do at home with your 4, 5 or 6 month old baby?

Do you want to know which toys and accessories are good or bad for your baby’s development at this age?

Explore the HERE I AM program, your guide to engaging activities that nurture independence, confidence, and developmental milestones for your 4-6 month-old.

Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, your baby will make big developmental strides. They will outgrow some of the reflexes they had as newborns, such as grasping, Moro, rooting and tonic neck reflexes. They will also become more curious and adventurous, exploring the world from different angles. They will begin to roll over, enjoy tummy time and rock back and forth in preparation for crawling. They can sit with extra support, have good head control and can pass toys from one hand to the other. They will love toys and books with different textures that stimulate their sense of touch and motor skills. By the end of this period, most babies will be eating solid foods and learning to drink from cups, so having the right feeding accessories is important.  The possibilities for fun and learning at this age are endless.

The HERE I AM programme is designed to help you support your baby’s development through engaging and playful activities that build independence and confidence. You will be shown how to encourage and support your baby’s movements to achieve developmental milestones in a natural and quality way. You will be given tips on which drinking cups are recommended at each age and which to avoid altogether, as well as recommendations for other accessories such as high chairs and spoons. You will also learn which toys are best for your baby’s cognitive and motor development at this age.

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